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About The Mews Team

The Mews is a Collaboration between two prominent real estate firms in the Hudson Valley; Developers/Builders "ACELA PM" Principals: Charles Qelaj & Fred  Straub and Sales & Marketing of The Daniel Aubry Realty Team; Daniel Aubry, Broker & Ron Donofrio, Associate Broker.

  •  Acela PM Builders have produced residential, commercial, industrial and investor projects all through NY, NJ and CN.

  • The Mews, is there newest residential project in Beacon, consists of 9 Carriage Homes, with 2 and 3 bedrooms and 2 full bath homes, (and 6 homes with garages).

  • The Daniel Aubry Realty Sales & Marketing Team, consisting of Broker Daniel Aubry, and Associate Broker Ron Donofrio, are at the helm of bringing The Enclave to the general public, and all investors, are creating a unique purchasing opportunity here in Beacon.  The Daniel Aubry Realty Team, is the go to team for all builder/new construction, renovated homes, townhomes, apartments and land purchases. Daniel & Ron, specialize not only in residential, commercial and investment properties, but are sales/marketing experts with over 30 years each, and 60 years combined, of New Construction/Builder, Renovation and land experience opportunities. 

  • Our Preferred Real Estate Partners of attorneys, financial professionals, designers, architects, property managers, construction pros, and online tech specialists, are what makes working with us, a one stop shop for all your real estate needs. Our commercial acumen, throughout the Hudson Valley, while specializing in Beacon, has allowed us to represent individual investors, to major corporations. We offer individual and corporate relocation, property management and real estate investment services. So reach out, and let's see if we can make something wonderful happen for you! Thank you - The Mews At Beacon Team.

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